11 Reasons You Should Buy a Wooden Watch!

Here at WeWOOD UK HQ, we are often asked "I love the idea of having a wooden watch, but what is the reason for buying one!"  There are literally dozens of reasons why someone might want to buy a wooden watch for themselves or a loved one.  So we thought we would come up with a super handy list of the top 11 reasons why you would love one of our unique watches!

1.  Because they are cool!

OK yes this is a bit of an obvious one however its so true! We guarantee you that if you purchase a WeWOOD you will have tons more compliments thrown at you than you would wearing a standard old boring metal watch!

2.  They are made from only recycled or reclaimed wood!

Its true! We do not cut down or hurt any trees for the production of our watches.  We only use recycled or reclaimed wood that has been carefully selected not only for its quality but also for fact that that we have a passion for sustainable fashion and we want to make sure that we are contributing to the fashion and jewellery market in a positive way.

3. Our wooden watches are completely hypoallergenic!

A large number of our customers buy a WeWOOD because they cannot wear a standard watch due to a skin irritation or allergy.  By purchasing a watch from WeWOOD this means you will be able wear a watch without worry of breaking out.  And in addition it also means you will never be able to use the excuse for being late again because you cannot wear a normal watch ;-)

4.  For every watch we sell, we plant a brand new tree!

WeWOOD will plant a new tree for every watch that is sold worldwide.  To date we have planted over 400,000 trees worldwide (including planting projects in the UK) and we have a goal to reach 1 million trees planted by 2020 which we are well on our way to achieving.  You will also receive a cute certificate in with your watch to tell you a tree has been planted in your honour!

5.  All WeWOOD's come in a beautifully designed recycled gift box.

As a super cool eco company we like to make sure that its the small things that set us apart from other companies.  Our watches come in a unique recycled gift box that will either make a great present or just somewhere to keep your WeWOOD safe when you are not wearing it.

6.  All watches are made from 100% natural wood.

At WeWOOD we take our time in selecting the woods we use, not only to make sure they look great but also to ensure that the wood is completely natural and not harmful to the wearer.  All of the woods we use are rigorously tested to make sure that they are 100% toxin and chemical free.  We are aware that there are some wooden watches that are on the market that do use wood that either has not been fully tested or could potentially be harmful when worn in close contact with the skin, rest assured this is something you will not have to worry about with a WeWOOD wooden watch.

7.  All WeWOOD designs are unique and created and owned by WeWOOD.

All of the watches designed by WeWOOD are unique and have been created by our talented team of designers based in Italy.  Whilst WeWOOD certainly did not come up with the idea of wooden watches (Tissot originally released a wooden watch in the 1980's) WeWOOD are most definitely responsible for bringing the trend back! First launched in 2010 by an Italian shoe maker who loves to make fashion accessories out of unique sustainable materials, WeWOOD has grown to become a worldwide brand that is now sold in over 40 countries around the world.

8.  Our watches come with a 24 month global warranty.

If you are contemplating buying a wooden watch then please ensure that you check out what type of warranty the watch is supplied with.  At WeWOOD we offer a 24 month global warranty which means if you purchase a WeWOOD through either one of our authourised UK retailers, online from ourselves directly or via an authourised WeWOOD supplier whilst abroad in person ie on holiday, then you will have the peace of mind in the unlikely event that something was to go wrong that we have a UK repair centre ready and waiting.

9.  Nickel free watches

Not only are our watches hypoallergenic and made from 100% natural wood they are also nickel free too.  Having a nickel allergy can be extremely frustrating especially if you want to wear a watch but you are unable to do so due to this very common allergy.  Our watches have a wooden plate on the back on the watch as opposed to the standard metal plate at the back, this is where most allergies start from due to the close and constant contact with the skin. However with a WeWOOD wooden watch this is something you will not have worry about.  So if you know someone that would like to wear a watch that is unable to do so for this reason then why not recommend or treat them to a WeWOOD to brighten their day.

10.  Did you know that the traditional gift to give for the 5th Wedding Anniversary is wood?

OK so we have gone ahead and solved the problem that many couples face when it comes to one of the most notoriously difficult wedding anniversaries to buy for; YEAR 5 WOOD!!! If you do not want to give a cheese board, wooden spoon or a door plaque?  Well then why not get something different a go for a stylish and unique wooden watch that will delight your husband or wife for years to come.

11.  Like fingerprints; No two WeWOOD's are the same!

Yes that is right! Because our watches are made from unique and natural materials no two WeWOOD's will ever be the same!  When you order a WeWOOD, even though it may be from the same variety of wood as the next one ordered, the watch will be constructed from different parts of the wood which will vary in grain and hue.   Also our watches can vary slightly in colour depending on which country and season the tree originally was grown in.

WeWOOD wooden watches really do make unique and stylish watches that will give an immense amount of pleasure to the wearer.  We do hope that you have enjoyed our 11 reasons to buy a wooden watch, there really are so many more and therefore if you would like to add your own then please do so in the comments section below or on our Facebook page @wewooduk.

May the wood be with you!

wewood-kappa-black-gold One of our beautiful watches, the WeWOOD Kappa Black Gold!