Why Buy a Wood Watch?

wood watch from nature

When you think of watches, you will usually think of those you see in your local jewellery shop that are made of plastic, metal and glass, you know, the usual ones you normally find for sale everywhere. However, if you like to be a little bit different, or what something that better reflects your individuality, then why not buy a Wood Watch instead?

Wooden watches are quite unique in the fact that they make good use of a natural sustainable resource, while at the same time being completely different from the generic identical brands of standard metal and plastic watches on offer.


Time To Ditch The Old Ticker

No two WeWood watches will ever be the same. This is because in nature no two pieces of wood are completely identical. Each handcrafted wooden watch is unique, and you will never be able to mass-produce wooden watches on a production line in the same way as regular watches are made.

Traditional watches made from metal and glass can sometimes feel very heavy or clunky to wear. Not only this, but if you have sensitive skin that becomes irritated when metal comes in contact with it, a wooden watch is a perfect alternative to both common problems.

Lightweight and durable, a wood watch feels comfortable against your skin, and is a lot easier to wear than a regular watch. Your watch will also mature and change colour over time, just like natural wood does in nature. It is almost like your watch is growing and maturing with you, becoming more rich in colour, and even more eye-catching over time.

There is no need to worry about looking after your wooden watch either. Unlike metal watches, they are very robust and forgiving. They take bumps, knocks and scrapes far better than the highly polished case of a metal watch.

Wooden watches are water resistant to a certain degree. They can take splashes water from rain or when washing your hands, but total immersion is not a good idea, so we wouldn't recommend taking your wooden watch swimming with you for example.


Eco-friendly option

Because of its very nature, choosing a WeWood watch would mean owning a piece of stunning yet practical jewellery that would have done no damage to the environment during its making.  In fact, we make all of our individual watches from beautiful pieces of wood that are treated as off-cuts in the manufacture of other wooden products. So when we make a new watch, we are re-using a natural resource that would otherwise be going to waste.

 When wood is processed, it actually requires less energy during production than other materials, and therefore results in a low carbon footprint being left behind. The re-planting of trees that we do also means that more chemicals are naturally filtered from the atmosphere, and the very air that we all breathe.

As wood is a sustainable material, it can be easily grown and harvested,  and new trees are planted to replace the ones taken for processing. Thus ensuring a steady supply of wood as well as giving a boost to nature. You can feel proud that for every watch you buy from us, we will plant a new tree in return, so you will be doing the earth a good deed too.

WeWOOD works closely with American Forests. They are the oldest non-profit organisation for conservation in the USA, but also work on a worldwide level to ensure trees are planted in countries around the world that regularly use wood for production. The organisation have a long-term plan to plant 100 million trees by the year 2020.

People are starting to realise that as individuals, we need to be as responsible as we can with the earth's natural resources, and wooden watches are a great place to start!

WeWood Watches are so beautiful, they go with everything

Our stunning range of watches are available in many different styles and designs. The wood we use to craft our watches from also come in differing shades and colours, from soft and warm beige and brown, to dark black, red, gold, and multi coloured choices.

You don't have to be an environmentalist to wear our watches! ECO friendly fashion is a hot trend right now, and may celebrities are getting in on the green revolution, so even the most dedicated fashionista will look cool wearing one of our watches.

With our high-tech Miyota movement timepieces, you will know that your watch will not only look good, but is built to be very precise and reliable too. You can afford to buy a truly high-end watch that will serve you well for many years, but always remain looking fresh and eye-catching.

Why a Wood Watch would make an excellent gift

Whether it is for Christmas, a birthday or wedding anniversary, no matter what the occasion, a WeWood wooden watch is the perfect gift! You can be guaranteed that your gift will never be duplicated by another gift-giver, and your thoughtful and unique gift will sure to be greatly treasured above others.

Our wooden watches for men are crafted to be robust, but at the same time very stylish. We have a range of different shades and colours that would suit every taste, so if you needed a smart black faced watch to match up with a designer suit, or a pale wood shade that would look good with casual clothes, then we have exactly what you need.

Our wooden watches for women are designed to be a bit more subtle and elegant. Again, we have a wide range of different styles and colours to choose from, so if you wanted something funky and fun to go with your summer outfits, or you needed something classy and striking to go with your evening wear, there will be something for everyone in our range.  We even have a stunning watch with a colourful scrunchy wrist band that is ideal for the active lady who needs a comfortable and flexible watch.

Take a look at our stunning range of wooden watches in our online shop. We offer you the very best prices online, plus secure ordering that comes with our 100% guarantee. We are sure that you will soon be falling in love with our watches, and the only problem you will then have to face, is which one will you buy?