The Beauty Of Wooden Watches

Natural wood has always been important to people since early humanity. Not only as a source of fuel for warmth and cooking, but also as a major building material for ships, vehicles and housing. How would early man have survived so well without the invention of wooden bows, arrows and spears for hunting! No wonder wood has been such a treasured natural resource for so many years.

Wood is also a thing of incredible beauty and it is no wonder that wood carvers and sculptors can produce some stunning pieces of art work using the natural textures, colours and grains that wood can provide.

Even in today's modern world we love to be in touch with nature, and what could be better to keep us connected that to wear a stunning WeWood natural wooden watch on our wrist. It is a perfect way to combine beauty with nature while living in the real world.

The latest range of crafted wooden watches on have a true uniqueness that you just cannot get from metal or plastic watches with more generic designs. Wooden watches can be worn by both men and women, and would make a fantastic and unusual gift that would certainly draw attention and be highly treasured.

You can see that a lot of time, care and effort has been put into each and every timepiece, and we pride ourselves on our fine attention to detail when crafting our watches. Because we care about our planet, all our watches are created from sustainable materials and each time a watch is sold, WeWood plant a brand-new baby tree! To date we have planted over 300,000 trees worldwide, with a goal of planting 1 million trees by the year 2020.

Wooden watches are very desirable because they are so different, and carry a natural beauty all of their own. No two watches will ever be exactly the same because of the nature of the materials we use. Even within the same tree the grain can vary so much that each watch will be distinctly different. The character of the wood carries through to each watch that adds to its warmth and uniqueness.

Watch styles come and go, but a wooden watch will always remain stylish. Being light-weight, wooden watches tend to be about half the weight of their metal counterparts. This makes them very comfortable to wear, and will not weigh down on your wrist like much heavier metal watches tend to do.

For those who cannot wear metal next to their skin because of allergies, wooden watches are an ideal alternative. WeWood watches are hypo-allergenic and have a non toxic finish for extra protection. Wooden watches are also a better choice over plastic watches because they are far more eco-friendly, and made from all natural materials rather than chemically derived plastics.

Nature has a fantastic way to provide us with everything we could ever need, so making the best use of such a natural and beautiful resource as wood makes complete sense! Keeping our green spaces healthy by planting new trees is also a way of re-investing in our stocks with Mother Nature, so instead of stripping the land completely of its natural resources, investing in a WeWood watch will mean you are re-investing in nature.

Wooden watches are a real work of art that you can wear on your wrist. The wood will naturally change as it ages along with you, and your watch will also come to feel like it is part of you. Wooden watches are so comfortable to wear, hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly and naturally beautiful that you will wonder why you waited so long to buy one!

We offer a wide range of stylish Italian designs for both men and women, and have even crafted a range of wooden and fabric straps to complete the unique look and comfort factor of each individual design.

Each watch comes with a Citizen Miyota movement, so you know you will have in-built reliability to go along with your super-stylish eye-catching design.
Our range of wooden watches are crafted from a range of different woods that would otherwise would be disposed of as waste products from other wood manufacturing processes. For example, we use Red Wing Celtis wood that is used in the production of wooden flooring. This wood is a beautiful deep brown wood with delicate graining that make beautiful watches.

When you browse our range of diverse watch styles here you will see many different shades of wood on offer. The beige wood used in some designs is Maple, and this is a popular wood used in the food smoking business as well as for making musical instruments. It is comforting to know that you could be wearing a watch made with wood that went towards creating a violin or guitar!

You will be surprised by our prices too. Not only do we offer top of the range Italian designs, 100% hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly unique watches, we offer them at very reasonable prices too!  You will not be paying hundred or even thousands of pounds for our stunning quality-made watches, you will see from our range that our watches are not out of reach for anyone. This is also why they make such thoughtful and cost-effective gifts for a friend or loved one for any special occasion.

For example, take a look at the Belle Beige, one of our WeWood online exclusive designs. Weighing in at just 31g, and sporting a wrap around scarf design watch strap, this beautiful ladies watch would make an ideal gift for Christmas, an anniversary or a special birthday, and at just £75 is is a complete snip at that price!
The watch comes with two interchangeable watch strap scarves so you can vary your look without changing your watch – ideal for a fashionable lady who likes to colour co-ordinate her outfits, but also makes for a truly comfortable experience on the wrist as the scarf strap fits all wrist sizes. This is very handy when you are buying this as a gift and you don't know the recipients exact wrist measurement.

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So if you are looking for a new watch that is very classy and sophisticated, but at the same time durable and eco-friendly, then look no further than the range on offer from WeWood! Take a look around our website and if you have any questions give our friendly team a call on 01202 901626 to find out more.